jan steinbach


I Never Read Tokyo Edition

Twenty Two Swiss Mountain Lakes, 2014
I Never Read L.A. Edition

Palais Schaumburg, 2012
Edition Taube

The Adult Women will sit in front of the men and the children and young adults will kneel in front of the women, 2011
Edition Taube

Antimedienmaterialistisches Manifest 1.1, 2011
Edition Taube

Punktuelles Bildarchiv Utopia, editor, 2011
Edition Taube

44 Galleries, editor, 2011
Edition Taube

Topografisches Bildarchiv Pankow, editor, 2010
Edition Taube

Antimedien im Digitalen Zeitalter, 2009
Merz & Solitude

Das Bureau, editor, 2009
Edition Taube

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